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Helping today’s youth become successful and contributing members of society takes on several different forms. Their schools and their families will play their role in working with the young people and trying to help them succeed in whatever the kid has planned or hopes to achieve for their future. Occasionally, there will be some organizations that also step in to help youth find their way and learn how to be fully contributing members of a complex society. One such organization that works with youth is called Eyes Network which is also known as Empowering Youth in a European Society.

The Eyes Network is a European organization with the primary goal and purpose of working with today’s youth to help them on the road to self-empowerment and working to meet their goals for themselves and society. The organization believes that allowing young people to squander their potential is a huge waste for everyone involved and works hard to help make productive youth members of a society that need the future contributing members to help correct some of the many issues that currently exist in large part because of poor decision making.

This organization has organized many events that are meant to be both entertainings to everyone as well as educational to the youth and those that may witness any of these developments. They work with the young people to raise education about issues that affect everyone in society, not just the youth. One such example of an important event was the World Water Forum 2012. They worked with many different kids that day to bring attention to the major issue of privatization of water. The youth participated in many events that day which featured a flash mob. It was an excellent way of having youth participate in something that touches everyone’s lives and will continue to be a major topic for years to come.

While this event was fantastic and was imperative, it is just one small step in meeting all of the goals of the organization. The group wants to continue with events like this and expand upon them to not waste a precious resource that is often overlooked. This invaluable resource is the youth that is on the brink of becoming fully contributing members of society. They want to extend their current organization which is comprised of more than 60 fully active members that can be found in many different countries around Europe. These countries with active members include Georgia, Armenia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Part of their future goals also includes expanding an existing campaign called “YOUth in transition.”

That is why there are other companies and organizations that have made donations to the Eyes Network. They understand the overall importance of what the organization is trying to do and want to support their goals. Companies such as Prints Etc. Picture Framing Gallery understand this importance and have donated to encourage its continued existence and its growth. Support by companies like Prints Etc. will be one of many ways to see the continued growth and expansion of such an important organization like Eyes Network.

Their next plan and goal with this current campaign are to change the scale on which it currently works and operates. The Eyes Network hopes to extend this campaign further and reach much more people with the assistance of the many citizens and youth who acknowledge the importance of educating today’s young people and preparing them for the challenges that they will face when they venture out into the world. This particular campaign already hopes to come up with some form of individual document that addresses matters of social and ecological transition with the help of youth from all over Europe.

What has been mentioned and discussed here just touches on the overall plans and goals of the Eyes Network and those that currently work with this group and the youth that participate in the group. Its hopes for the future of the youth in Europe is a massive undertaking that will take years and a lot of devotion by those in the various cities who are passionate about the future and what will become of today’s youth. These plans and every event that this group organizes will take time and plenty of money to have them come to fruition.


Europie happened in Toulouse!

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The work of two years arrived at a conclusion this August in Toulouse! We were a piece of the stunning Europie Festi/Gathering which EYES had started two years back. Numerous nearby Tolousian associations had made this conceivable and made it the achievement that it was. To give you only a thought: more than 80 organizations held all the more then 90 workshops on the topics of:

Reclaim Democracy
Social Justice
Hack n’ Wiki
Fair-play economy

We additionally saw theater plays, vocalist musician music, workmanship, comedian activities et cetera; it was three days of the gala for the faculties and mind! Each night there were astounding shows (our thought was to have this celebration section point for those individuals who are not consequently going to option occasions), we had neighborhood bio nourishment, dry toilets, sunlight based showers, etc. Discover more on www.europie.org soon! For some preparatory perspectives, observe Thomas’ photography blog: http://europie2013.wordpress.com/and on the off chance that you need more data, as usual: compose to contact@eyesnetwork.org

Stay tuned for more information soon on The three days of Europie, the EYES plan starting now and into the foreseeable future and a Wintercamp in Germany!



EYES and the WSF

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The World Social Forum is a worldwide mass collecting of social developments, Associations and individuals, which accumulates at regular intervals in an alternate city and nation. In 2013, the World Social Gathering will be held in Tunis, Tunisia.

We as EYES will be available in Tunis to speak to the qualities we keep on imagining youth strengthening, aggregate social activity, solidarity; yet we are likewise to keep gathering force for the EuroPie Festi-Forum. We wish to keep on being a piece of the mounting element for youth in Europe and the world, so we have built up a progression of exercises that we will have in Tunis. The activities are expected to be very participative and in addition to accumulating as much motivation from the general population around us, as well as from the environment and vitality of the WSF.

We are heading off to the Gathering to learn and to be roused inside of the surroundings of strengthening, activity, inspiration and determination that the WSF brings, to push ahead with space for youth European wide and globally. We plan to gain from strategies as spectators, to rouse others with our drive of EuroPie and to propel force for the EuroPie Festi-Gathering.

We have concocted a system mirroring the topics of enthusiasm to youth activity and strengthening. Our project takes the type of a pipe, where the rationale is the massive scale great questions, for example, strategies to interface social developments and how to mingle plans and arrangements on a vast scale are presented first. Our appointment will start with driving the exercises, and beginning such discourse, however as the practices advance our part as facilitators turn out to be less and less unmistakable. At that point, the proceeding with exercises will be progressively more particular until we touch base down to the last two days of the Forum where we will concentrate exclusively on building energy for the EuroPie occasion, and accumulate more info from other individuals.

1st activity– This will be a workshop where we will discuss ideas, strategies and methods to implement the change we envision. The objective of this workshop is to socialize agendas and solutions to the crises we face both in Europe and globally.

2nd activity– This will be a workshop where we will discuss the way we can deepen the impact of the youth social movements and actions. The objective is to share practices and learn from one another with the help of more creative methodology and connect social movements across borders more concretely.

3rd activity– This will be a practical workshop for building common action.  We will look together at the different agendas of youth in the different spaces: political, artistic, social, organizational, formal or non-formal.

4th and 5th activities– These days will focus on highly participative and interactive “camp style” workshops. The whole thinking behind these ideas is to have a mass organizing session for the EuroPie event, to gather momentum, fresh ideas and perspectives, and to bring a highly international element into the event.



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The summer of 2012 was very engaging for the EYES space. Why was it so important and relevant? Well, there were many things: our participation in the People’s Summit of Rio+20, our apport to the International Youth Territory around this event, our involvement with the international agenda… but most importantly, because we managed to put the basis for a Youth FestiForum in 2013. With this project idea in our minds, we envisioned the following route that answers to the question WHY?

1. Because we (the youth from the EYES space) follow some common beliefs:

● we believe that the first step in making an European Youth FestiForum possible is to organize a youths’ gathering;
● we believe that the young people all over Europe are part of steady and conscious organizations, an aspect that needs to be seen and explored;
● we belive that at large scale, youth gatherings represent the first brick with which we want to build a new era;
● we believe that together we can change the crisis and destroying tendencies into
sustainability and development;
● we have been noticing that youth either act alone as individuals or on local levels as part of certain groups, organizations, associations etc, an attitude we find encouranging and full of hope. However, we feel and believe that we need to take the next step, lead ourselves towards the next level and make each other stronger as a global community;
● we believe that young people are the best ressource we have and we want to empower ourselves to make the most of it;

The Summer Camp 2012 (Le Marais II) wasn’t a simple summer camp, but it represented the starting point in building this new community, together with all of you who were kindly willing to get involved.

Therefore, a group of around 50 young people from different organizations and initiatives all over Europe (and even from outside) followed an invitation of Petit Debroulliards Poitou Charente and EYES, to meet at a camp in Le Marais Poitevin (France). We wanted to find common ground for the political engagement of youth in Europe and try direct forms of action and engagement. All this for the purpose of climaxing in one big event- the EuroPie FestiForum- in 2013, in the city of Toulouse, a space meant to be shared by all organizations, initiatives and citizens interested to contribute with ideas, bring experiences, and mostly solutions and alternatives to the problems that are directly affecting them.

The content of the camp was initially drafted by EYES during the preparation meeting, but then left very open for other organizations and individuals to contribute, a fact that changed the course of events quite frequently.

The aim was to create an operational framework for the functioning of the EuroPie FestiForum. Throught out this camp, we wanted to outline our invitation (the Call) to other organizations and initiatives, to propose an idea of how we want to work together (common principles) as well as an organizational structure and personal involvements.

2. OBJECTIVES of Le Marais II:

☺Create a platform together with all of the organizations involved on which we can base the EuroPie FestiForum;
☺Discuss the role of the networks/networking in the EuroPie FestiForum;
☺Integrate our growing list of contacts into our vision of learning from this gathering process;
☺Create an atmosphere of commitment, responsibility and good will;
☺ Come up with a roadmap and an organizational structure;
☺Assert what makes youth special in the context of today’s problems;
☺Enjoy each other’s company, make the work fun and constructive;
☺Outline the exact objectives of each network to find possibilities for convergence and see how those objectives can feed into the EuroPie FestiForum;
☺Each of us think about the continuation of our past actions done inside our organization and evaluate them; this is how we could rely and guide ourselves on the work in progress concept;
☺ Get us organized in the sense of knowing each other, exchange information and culture, doubts, solutions and everything that can be useful to our own expansion;
☺ Call each one of us into evolution of ourselves and our societies;
☺ TheEuroPie FestiForum – not to be anti-capitalist event, centered on specific environmental and social struggles, but follow our activity based on mutual respect;
☺ Leavethe freedom to each network to express and represent themselves, as well as to individuals motivated to get involved;

During the camp, EYES together with the networks and organizations present, took the opportunity to draft and amend a call for the EuroPie FestiForum, the document that was finally adopted collectively as a networking tool leading us to the event.

3. THE AGENDA of Le Marais II consisted in:

» roundtables and workshops (Europe, crisis, youth);

» keynote speech (Occupy Wall Street and Greek Debt Audit);

» games (World Social Forum simulation);

» video- conferences (Bolivia);

» meeting local activists/politicians;

» freestyle sessions/activity proposals (each one teach one);

» cultural nights (food croos-over, reading circles, movie, dance, concert, talent show, theatre, sky-watching);

» exploring Le Marais (eco-tour)

We thank each of you that replied to the call and participated to the Le Marais II!

– Les Petits Débrouillards Poitou-Charenteswww.lespetitsdebrouillards.org

– Young People and Science in Society Issues www.ypssi.eu

– CliMates www.studentclimates.org

– European Alternatives Romania www.euroalter.com

– Moga Znam Tvoria Bulgaria www.mogaznamtvoria.blogspot.ro

– Bizi! www.bizimugi.eu

– Etudiants et Développement www.etudiantsetdeveloppement.org

– Children of the Earth Europe www.coeworld.org

– Breathe in-Break out! Germany www.breatheinbreakout.de

– MaiMultVerde Romania www.maimultverde.ro

– Freiraumgalerie Germany www.freiraumgalerie.com

– Friends of the Earth www.foe.co.uk

– Greek Debt Audit Campaign

– Helsinki Citizens Assembly www.hyd.org.tr

– People&Planet www.peopleandplanet.org

– Protect the Future www.faanweb.eu

– Amavet Slovakia www.amavet.sk

– Enta People www.entapeople.com

– Association Etudes et Developpement www.aed.toile-libre.org

For a better understanding of what happened you can also check out the PHOTO GALLERY.

Where are we now, 5 months after the camp has finished? You will be able to read more about this in our next posts.

…let’s make the most of our initiatives and time in the months to come!

EYES in Rio 3.0

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The Continuation Rio….


Yeastarday some of us went to the march “Against deforastation in Amazonia” organized very professionally by the Brazilian NGO: Comitê Fluminense em Defesa das Florestas . More impresions to come with photos. Another part of the EYES Delegation went to other conferences and Darena and Jakob participated in a video conference with Les Petits Debrouillards.

After those activities we had meet again for #riot20 and we had short disscusion about our direct action on 20/06- Global Day Of Action. We went back to the youth camp to present it to everyone but the Brazilian dynamic was so delaying that we didn’t really manage to make the great presentation we had prepared. However, Angus from the jungle house 2.0 gave an inspiring speech to call on the brazilians to join forces to prepare Global Day Of Action which is happening at the moment, more news soon!



EYES in Rio 2.0

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Abracos de Rio!

The People Summit just began and EYES are actively participating in a lot of activities. At 16/06 we were participating at the Youth Convergence Plenaries related to four topics: Defence of common goods; Rights to Social and Environmental Justice; Food Sovereignty; as well as Energy and Extraction Industries. The results of these meetings are being distilled into a common document of the youth which we will post here shortly. After that, we helped with the fourth #Riot20 meeting where we decided how to show our message, how to connect to the people inside the official conference and how to be present in social media. Again: #riot20; riot20blog.wordpress.com; fb: riot20

On the 17th of June, we went to Copacabana Beach to be a part of the Avaaz “End of Fossil Fuel Subsidies” campaign and in the afternoon we visited the Occupy Rio Camp next to The People Summit to show them our support. There were making an action in solidarity of a girl from their camp which tragically died in a traffic accident right next to the camp the day before. Consequently, the occupiers blocked that street (it is a crazy dangerous high speed highway with very few pedestrian crossings). They blocked one lane and the Police, in order to stop them, blocked the other two. How smart was that? There is some discussion inside Occupy about the action being somewhat ad-hoc and emotional but considering the circumstances this is more than understandable. There was quite drastic police presence (next to municipal police [the “browns”] there was the “shock police” with a huge water cannon and darth vader costumes) but nothing drastic happened, the occupiers simply walked away from the whole setup and started a march.


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To our young companheiras e companheiros!
The Peoples Summit has just begun and we, an organism of young creative changemakers who have met in Rio in the last few days, want to invite you to transform words into action!  We believe that the official Rio+20 is sabotaging the real change the world needs and so we want to do direct actions to create visual experiences to show our positions and our dissent.
We have started this process already, calling ourselves Riot20 because we want to create a riot of colour, sound and ideas in Rio! To see the direction we’re going in: riot20blog.wordpress.com ; #riot20
We want to use the time we have at the the Youth Territory of the Peoples Summit to get visually active and raise the profile of the alternative discourse. With this international dynamic we hope to involve all friends who come here to Rio to challenge the official narrative Rio+20 is throwing at us. Riot20 is a gateway for people who want to be more involved in this process.
The Youth Territory offers the chance for youth to alter the course of events. To take this chance seriously, we, young people from different movements that were inspired by the initial call for participation to the Youth Territory, joined into the dynamic Riot20.
This  struggle needs your forces, that is why we call on all movements, networks and organizations to join us in order to have a meaningful impact.
We have good ideas but we are sure that you have great ones, too: the important task is to make them happen and to make them visible now! So we invite you to plan and prepare these exciting actions with us. Want to get involved? Watch out for us at Aterro de Flamengo and follow us on riot20blog@wordpress.com or #riot20
To reinvent the future we need to act into it.
Riot20: non-violent organism against false solutions and for social & environmental justice
 – according to the principles of Sathagraya

EYES in Rio 1.0

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Tomorrow 15-th June, will be the first day of  People Summit and all youth activities in Rio. The day will be full with different kind of actions  for EYES. At 14:00 (Brazilian Time) we will start with information session for International youth (Flamenco Beach, Tenta 26). Actually this will be the place where everybody will be able to  share ideas, and also to join the new youth organizm – “Riot20″ which just appeared and converged youth from all around the world. For more information about future activities of Riot20 – www.riot20blog.wordpress.com

At the same time, at 15:30 h, there will be a Skype conference organizwed by one part of  EYES in Bordeau, France. After waching the movie “In Tranzition 1.0″ the audience will start to disscuse the subject of tranzition. For having more input and for direct view from Rio+20 forum and People Summit, Helene  Petry will take part on this conference and will feed us with news from the “Hearth” of the venue.

We are waiting for you there……….





France, Bordeaux, Saint Michel.

Remember : one month ago, we were having our first international street action, FREE SEAT.

Time to feedback this, don’t you think ?

The action took place in four different cities : Bordeaux (France), Nottingham (England), Varna (Bulgaria), and Sao Paolo (Brazil).

The idea ? To put a couch on the street, have a seat (for free), some newspaper to read and a GREAT breakfast to eat.

The point of the action ? Have a relaxing chat with people passing by.


In Bordeaux, the sun was awaken. We planned to stay till noon, but the atmosphere was so good that we finally sat on our couch one hour more.

The place has not been chosen by chance. St-Michel is a quarter of Bordeaux « in transition », two years of public works is planned to make this disctrict looking better for turism and upper society. This is not an ecological and/ or social transition : these works are decided by policians, against St Michel’s inhabitants’ will. Those ones would not be able to afford to live here anymore, cause it will become a pretty but expensive place to live in Bordeaux..

Inhabitants are already concerned by this issues, and empower themselves into meetings, lobbying against city council… but it is not enough.

La place est libre ! We said in french, which means both « the place is free » and « Seat is free ».

And we put a couch, inviting any people passing by to have a coffee, a croissant and a newspaper… ! The market brought us a lot of people… some of them talked directly about St Michel’s issues, other wanted to make more « couch » events like this, but bigger, and last ones were just having a coffee or a dance !


An accordion and a violin sat on the couch, and a mother, a child and a youngster started to dance together.

Nice weather, nice time indeed, seat is for free, and the place is for everyone !


Bulgaria, Varna.

EYES videoconference to the People’s Summit 2012 in Rio de Janeiro

Science and technology play a crucial role in facing contemporary climate, environmental and social problems. Scientific and technological solutions are valuable, yet they need to be accepted and appropriated by citizens and communities in order to become effective. In the last decades, civil society and the research community have been working together to strengthen social participation in the generation and implementation of scientific knowledge and technologies. In a situation where large pans of science are dominated by commercial interests of a few powerful corporations, the need to redesign the governance of science and technology in a more democratic manner becomes more and more urgent.

Biotechnology is part of the science & society debate. However, how do the actual practitioners of the so-contested bio- and nanotechnology respond to that debate? When talking about bio-and nanotechnology, are social activists and researchers actually using the same definitions? Why and in what ways would research programs as biotechnology be needed to be stronger controlled by social actors? What does it mean to “democratize science”?

These and other questions will be part of the Earth Summit “Rio+20” that will be held in June 2012 at Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), with the presence of more than 150 presidents and prime ministers. International civil society meets in parallel to the official summit at the People’s Summit for Social and Ecological Justice, in order to remind international leaders about the urgency of making ambitious decisions that can cope with the socio-environmental challenges at stake. Expecting several thousands of people from around the world, the People’s Summit’s ambition is to transform Rio+20 in a moment of opportunity to address the serious problems that humanity is facing and demonstrate the political power of organized people.

We invite Ph.D. students and professors from the different disciplines of the Technical University Munich (TUM) to seize the opportunity and directly discuss the social impacts of biotechnology in a live videoconference with two experts from the People’s Summit:

  • Magda Zanoni, ecologist and agronomist, teaches at University Paris 7 and is currently working at the Brazilian Ministry of Agrarian Reform
  • Cândido Grzybowski, philosopher and sociologist, director-general of the Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (IBASE) and active member of the organizing committee of the World Social Forum

We would be glad to meet you on 21st of June 2012 from 4-6 pm at the TU Munich, Faculty of Biochemistry,Lichtenbergstr. 4 in Garching, room 53 306.

Yours sincerely,

Edgar Boczek & Max Rademacher

This videoconference is brought to you within the YOUth in transition campaign by EYES in cooperation with: